• There was a time where I rarely saw anything on the silver screen. I was a freelance filmmaker and work got in the way. If not for Damian, I would be stuck at my office instead of broadening my mind by watching other’s prowess in film. It would be twenty minutes before the last session time of a film I would be hard pressed to recall. Damian would give me a call, pick me up and would play me the latest album of an artist I had never heard of. Damian took me out of that den of overworking and help stoke the flames of a medium I love so much.

    Life is different now. I have much more time to enjoy films and can now be found in a late-night screening, watching the latest obscuria. I’ve gone from filmmaker to designer, in fact, I do the audio editing and all the design things for the podcast.

    They Came from the Silver Screen is an expression of our mutual love of film and the power film has in our society.

    Join us as we venture near and far into our cinephilia.

  • Film is not a passive medium. It’s a reciprocal art-form. It asks us to give to it as much as it gives to us. I firmly believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between the viewer and the film - that if we open ourselves and interrogate what we’re watching, the film will reward us with a greater understanding of ourselves and where we stand, both in relation to the reality that the movie constructs but also society at large.

    From my own experience, every movie I have ever seen has taught me something about myself. Even if it’s on a sub-conscious level, the exploration of how film makes us feel, what it wants to make us feel - and the understanding that the two are often not the same thing - engenders a moment of self-realisation.

    That’s the mission that Josh and I have set ourselves. It’s a grand task and the best thing about it all, is that it will never be done.

    We hope you enjoy going on this journey with us.